All cats MUST be immunised against Feline Infectious Enteritis and upper respiratory infections (Cat Flu), and owners must produce an up to date vaccination certificate upon arrival.

Because we are 100% family owned and run our guests receive our personal attention throughout their stay.  We made the decision to restrict the number of chalets to 30 so that we can keep this pledge. We are confident that owners can leave their cats with us with complete peace of mind.

We always pay particular attention to those cats who have never previously stayed in a boarding cattery, or those of a nervous disposition, thus helping the cat to settle more quickly into their holiday home.

Our guests can also listen to the sound of trickling water from the barrels and listen to light music that is played during the day.

Close up picture of a ginger and white cat sitting on one of the outside shelves in the chalet run.

Picture of two feline residents enjoying a relaxing moment

Meals are prepared in our hygienic completely refitted purpose built kitchen and individual tastes are catered for.  We feed your cat as per your own instructions, keeping to the same diet as he/she enjoys at home.

We only use quality, branded foods for our feline guests and fresh food, such as roast chicken and tinned tuna, is of the best quality.

All our guests are fed at least twice a day, at 8.00am and 6.00pm, with kittens and seniors enjoying extra meals as per your instructions.  All cats receive a 10.00pm bedtime cuddle and treats.

We provide quality fresh clean bedding for all our guests, but owners are welcome to bring any favourite bedding with them for their cat.

Cuddles and grooming are favourite times of the day and owners can bring favourite brushes and combs if they wish to, otherwise our own will be supplied.

We use Yesterdays News Cat Litter, and litter trays are always cleaned regularly during the day

                                             A British Shorthair Lilac with matching accessories                                                                            



Christmas Decorations in part of the main security corridor                                               A typical sight after the Roast Turkey on Christmas Day

All guests at Christmas get a new toy to play with and take home.