Take a tour of the Cattery

Welcome to Breighton Cats Lodge, please feel free to have a walk around  the establishment checking out the environment your cats will be residing in.

Sign at the Entrance

As with all tours we start at the beginning which is the entrance to the cattery


As the car comes to a halt the cattery grounds start to open up to your view

Parking Area suitable for up to 9 cars

As you walk down the path you get a feeling of peaceful tranquillity

The view from the path

A section of the main cattery block in mid summer

Looking back towards  the car park with the cattery reception on the right

Security Corridor showing sprays, litter bins, fire extinguishers, mobiles etc.

Chalets showing individual cleaning implements, freshly laundered patterned bedding, scratching posts etc.

En route to Pond View and the two GS chalets

Pond View , a detached luxury chalet to accommodate 5 good size cats

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